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Body Jewelry Trade

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Welcome to bodmodtrade

First things first - you must now apply for membership in order to join this community. I will need to see some sort of previous feedback before I allow you to join - Etsy, eBay, other buy/sell communities are all acceptable examples of the type of feedback required before joining this community.
You must email me with this information or I will reject your application. Email melissa [at] sour-kitten.com

This community is for buying, selling, and trading of new or used body jewelry.

1. Buying, selling, and trading is at your own risk.
2. Selling homemade jewelry is not allowed in this community (fimo, etc)
3. ALL posts with large or multiple images must be behind an lj cut.
4. Please leave feedback.
5. Any spam or non-related posts will be promptly deleted. That includes links to eBay stores.
6. DO NOT advertise your community without permission from moderator. You can email her.
8. Please do not post more than once a week. You can edit your last post, or wait until a week has passed since your last entry to repost.
9. Play nice and have fun :)

Absolutely, positively NO drama allowed in this community. It's quite possibly my biggest pet peeve, and it will not be tolerated.

Violation of these rules will result in deletion of your post, or even banning from the community depending on the severity of your actions.

Interactive Size/Guage Chart

Please remember to autoclave the jewelry you receive. Acrylic jewelery CANNOT be autoclaved, please keep this in mind when purchasing products made with this material.

The maintainer of this community is:
email: melissa [at] sour-kitten [dot] com